Trolley Olympics

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Track Events

There will be 3main track events, namely the Olympic Push, Dribble and Catch, that will take place over the Trolley Olympics Track, a specially prepared obstacle course where teams of 3 or 4 participants will guide their vehicle while trying to avoid the obstacles in their way.

The events have been designed to encourage people of all ages, physical abilities and backgrounds, including those that often feel excluded, lonely and vulnerable, to take part.

Trolley Olympics Track

The track to be used for the track events is outlined on the Trolley Olympics Track page.

Track Event Teams

Track Event Teams are made up of 3 or 4 people. Each of the roles involved are outlined in the Track Event Teams page. Entry of a Track Event Team is now closed.

Track Event Vehicles

Each Track Event will feature the use of a super market trolley, a wheelchair, a pushchair or a motorised scooter.


If you would like to become one of the first ever Trolley Olympic Volunteers, go to the Trolley Olympics Volunteer page.

Field Events

It is hoped that the heats of the Tug of War field event will take place in the park in parallel with the Olympic track events. The winners of those heats will be invited to compete in the Tug of War final the following weekend during the Omnes ad Unum Fete in Hillworth Park on Saturday 11th June in celebration of the Queen’s birthday.

Marathon Event

The Olympic Marathon, commonly known as the PHAB Push and Walk, will take the same format as that taken by the Push & Walk in previous years. It’s participants, plus their supporters, will walk or ride in their wheelchair up to 3 times around the perimeter of the park. As usual supporters can accompany both walkers and wheelchair users as they make their way around the course.


Complimenting the main Olympic events, there will be a number of Olympic sideshows, such as Coconut Shy, Skittles, , Golf, Face Painting and Tombolas. These will be manned by local community organisations such as Alzheimers Support, the Guides and the Scouts.


There are a number of opportunities for sponsors to advertise their organisations on posters around the Olympic Park and in the event programme. Go to the advertising page for details of the packages available.


All profits made from advertising, from the Sideshows, from the Rotary hot food stall, and from all the donations taken during the day, will be given to local good causes.

Entry Forms

To become a volunteer, a sideshow operator or a sponsor, simply hover over the Trolley Olympics tab in the menu bar above, then select the Entry Forms entry in the displayed drop-down menu.

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