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Tools for Self Reliance

Devizes Rotarians have made a second visit to the workshops of Holt based charity, ‘Tools for Self Reliance’ with a second load of tools generously donated by members of the public. For some weeks, Rotarian Paula Winchcombe has been receiving and assembling the assorted tools and will continue to receive donations of unwanted tools at her premises at 37 New Park Street, Devizes.

The charity, ‘Tools for Self Reliance’ are delighted to receive carpentry and metal working tools, building tools and tools found in the garage but no longer wanted; in addition leather workers tools, plumbing equipment and ‘ground working tools such as sledge hammers, pickaxes and crowbars are also willingly accepted.

Tools for Self Reliance’ work in partnership with local organisations in six countries in Africa – Ghana, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, Sierra Leone and Uganda – where the refurbished tools are sent. Unwanted tools can provide the beginning of a sustainable livelihood and income, for people affected by poverty in Africa – people who will benefit by being able earn their own living once they receive the refurbished tools and receive the necessary training.

The charity ‘Tools for Self Reliance’ and Devizes Rotary are grateful for the support and the contributions made by the people of Devizes.