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Preparing the horses for the Lantern Parade

When I called Helen (the manager of the Castle Hotel) on Thursday, she confirmed that the two white horses that were staying in the stable at the rear of the hotel would be fed and watered by the time the Rotary Team came to collect them on Friday morning. The Team were to take them from the hotel to St John’s Church to get them ready to take part in the lantern parade later that evening.

Clive had thought of bringing a shovel, and Alan a bucket, to collect any manure that appeared on the journey from The Castle to St John’s Church. However the horses were immaculately behaved, and so the shovel and bucket weren’t needed. Perhaps Bill’s invisible dog helped to keep the horses in order?

Once at the church, Jane & Jean helped to get the horses ready for their big night, making sure that any scrapes & scratches were repaired and that their lights were all in place. Jean was also on hand later in the afternoon to add the finishing touches to many of the other lanterns as their owners arrived at the church to collect them.

Eventually the magnificent horses and the myriad of other lantern creatures took their places in the parade, and gradually they made their way behind the dashing steam roller to the wharf. It was there that father Christmas joined the mayor, and together they led the procession back to the market place to turn on the Christmas lights.

Thanks to the Rotary Team and to all the other volunteers that helped DOCA run the event, and in particularly thanks to the hundreds of kids that made this such a memorable evening.

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Festival & Carnival Fortnight logo 15Last Sunday the club had a stall selling bacon and egg sandwiches near the Crammer as part of the Devizes International Street Festival and Carnival Fortnight.

Next to the stall we set up a track to enact a modern-day version of the Moonraker story as outlined below:


Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great, so not too many people had a chance to have a go at retrieving the “brandy barrels” from the” MoonShine Pond”. However those who did had a lot of fun, and there was plenty of competition between families and friends to see who could get to the barrels first!