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New Front Page News Index

The NEWS tab of this blogsite has just changed! Instead of just displaying the last blog post, it now shows an index of all the posts issued this year.

There are also now a number of pages to the NEWS tab, where the number of each page is shown at the bottom of the NEWS tab screen. Simply click on one of these to get an index to the blogs posted in a previous year where:

  • Page 2 displays an index to posts from 2017
  • Page 3 displays an index to posts from 2016
  • Page 4 displays an index to posts from 2015
  • Page 5 displays an index to posts from 2014 when the blog first started.

Happy reading!

Best wishes


Parrots visit Devizes Rotary!

Earlier this week we had some unusual visitors to the club when Sonia & Stacy brought along some of the parrots that have been re-housed with the help of Birdline Parrot Rescue.

The charity was founded in 1992, initially to rescue and care for birds in the Warwickshire area. However people specialising in various species of birds from Finches to Macaws were gradually recruited to cover various parts of the country, including Wiltshire.

The resulting nationwide network of voluntary helpers and area co-ordinators collect birds and keep them until a suitable home can be found for them. In this way Birdline has helped over 1,500 birds to find new homes, liaising with organisations such as police forces, zoos and other rescue organisations in the UK and abroad.