Daily Archives: December 12, 2017

Metal Detecting – a possible fund raising idea

One of the ways being considered by Devizes Rotary to raise funds is to organise a metal detecting rally. An example advert for such an event can be found here http://mailchi.mp/leisure-promotions/our-next-lp-dig-is-announced-1381721. The ‘photos below were taken at that event.

Our responsibilities would include:

  • Finding a suitable farmer/landowner with a minimum 100 acres field who will allow us to detect for the day.
  • Marshalling the car park.
  • Marshalling the detector users so that they do not wander into the wrong fields.
  • Organising and selling food to the users.

We would subcontract the following responsibilities to an Experienced Event Organiser (EEO):

  • Advertising the event and ensuring a good turnout on the day.
  • Liaising with the landowner to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day and any problems are dealt with quickly & efficiently.

The takings would be split 20% to the EEO, 80% to us. We would charge £15 per head, so 200 users would mean £3,000 takings, ie £2,400 to us and £600 to the EEO.

Out of our £2,400 there would be the expense of toilet blocks if there were no permanent ones nearby. No fee will be payable to the farmer as he will receive 50% of anything valuable that is found on the day. On one event in Lambourn 5 gold torcs were found and both the finder and the landowner received £50,000 each!

So … watch this space 🙂