News from David Bellis

Please see below a letter from David Bellis tendering his resignation from the club.  As I have subsequently said to David, I can well understand the reasons for his decision, and, although tinged with regret, I am delighted that the company he set up as a ‘hobby’ , even with its eccentric business model and no strategy, has taken off in the way it has!

I’m sure you’ll join me in whishing both David and Jean all the very best for their house hunting as they set off on the next stage of their exciting new journey.

Best wishes



From: D Bellis <>
To: CliffEvans <>
Sent: Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 10:18
Subject: Decision time

Dear Cliff

Decision time, I’m afraid. I am writing – with regret – to offer my resignation from the Rotary Club.

Jean and I postponed a discussion until the end of the financial year but on Sunday we sat in the sun on the walls of Old Sarum and made several big life decisions. One of those decisions is that we’ll be leaving Devizes.

Retirement drove me nuts, so (as you know) I started a hobby company with an eccentric business model and no strategy, tactics, or vision, and thought I might get the occasional bit of work. How wrong can you be? It’s taken off, so I have to do it properly or not do it at all – doing it “a bit” isn’t an option.

Sadly, lovely old Devizes has many virtues but isn’t the place for a business like mine and involves too many overnights and/or regular long slogs on the motorway – on top of (frequently) a ten hour working day. Somewhat to her surprise, Jean also misses being closer to a major conurbation.

We have to move house, anyway (our current home was a temporary stopgap which we originally bought as a rental; we’ve stayed too long – it’s overcrowded and unsuitable on multiple levels, with my business taking up two rooms and sometimes three); and since we have to move house, it makes sense to solve the location issue at the same time.

Although we won’t put the house up for sale or rent for a while the pressures on my time will increase because of the need to house-hunt far from Devizes.

I suspect no one will be surprised by any of this and in reality I haven’t been a member, except in a technical sense, for a year.

I’ve found friendship and companionship in the Club and I’m constantly surprised at how a small organisation can have such a profoundly positive influence on its community.

The scale and scope of the work carried out by a dozen people and the folks they manage to co-opt into projects is impressive and it’s been a real pleasure to be part of that, albeit briefly. I hope you’ll pass those sentiments on to Rotarians (please feel free to post this on the blog site, if you wish).

We both wish the Club all the best for the future.

Kind regards
David Bellis
Blue Rock Fox Productions
01380 739 105 / 07713 499 339

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