Devizes School Career Coaching

CaptureSee below our involvement in two recent events associated with the Devizes School Career Coaching prorgamme

Enrichment Day, 24th June 2015

The enrichment day went ahead as planned, and David Hogg and I ran a session in the afternoon to help year 12 students better understand how to conduct themselves in any form of meeting, including job interviews.  The session lasted 50 minutes and was split into three parts:

  1. Role play on a customer meeting a waiter at a restaurant
  2. Role play of a person applying for a job at a wood merchants
  3. Discussing handouts of interview do’s and don’ts, and personal strengths/weaknesses – see below.

Interview Dos & Donts 150616

Strengths Weaknesses 150616


Career’s Fair, 6th July 2015

This was an all-day event where Geoff and I helped set up and dismantle the exhibitors’ stands and then were on hand to help out while the students visited the stands of interest to them.

In the afternoon I also gave a presentation about how “dreams can come true” based on my experiences with my Kileva Foundation charity.

For further information about the event take a look at this news item on the school website.

Best wishes


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