Well done Geoff!

Geoff Collins has done an incredible job in bringing-in commercial support for Superchoir from local companies, to the extent that it has given us flexibility to find solutions to some of the problems of success we are facing.

Essentially, the financial risk has been taken out of the first Superchoir event thanks to Geoff’s hard work, excellent senior-level contacts, and persuasiveness, and that is no mean achievement.  Details of all the companies concerned will appear on the website and elsewhere shortly, but many congratulations to Geoff for a really terrific job.

The primary objective is to give the children a great day, to support the teaching staff, and to encourage music in Wiltshire schools.

But if we can put on a really good inaugural show, and generate a lot of positive ‘noise’, that will go a long way to strengthening our bargaining position with companies in future years … which in turn will enable us to give future participants an ever greater experience.

With a new venture it’s always a case of Catch 22 – it’s easier to get the money in if you have a great event, but to stage a great event you need to bring the money in!

Geoff’s secured significant financial backing from multiple sources despite having no track record with Superchoir to point to, which has put us in a much stronger position than we otherwise would be.  Difficult to over-emphasise the importance of that!!!

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