Club Assembly report & proposed calendar for 2014-15 Rotary Year

20th June 2014


Dear All,

    Attached are the notes for the report I gave last Tuesday as 7 members were not able to attend due to the change of date and holidays it was suggested that I send it out to everyone.

    Also attached is a proposed calendar of events for the new Rotary Year. It still needs names against dates for inviting speakers and hosting those meetings.

    In the past 5th Tuesdays have been a time for us to scatter and visit other clubs, sometimes this works but often other Clubs are doing the same thing. Should we try moving our scatter dates a week earlier and moving the fellowship meeting to the fifth Tuesday in those months?

    Do we want Speakers in July and August?

    Do we want to scatter in July or do something like a BBQ or garden party or what do you suggest?

    My apologies for Tuesday (June 24) Jeannie and I will be in Chesterfield.

Thanks for everything

Peace and Rotary around the World


01380 813246
07712 583273

President Elects Address to Club Assembly 2014 Devizes Rotary Program 2014-2015

Devizes Rotary Program 2014-2015

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